May 22

Hamuketsu (Hamster Butt) Book

Photos of Hamster Rear Ends Are Hit in Japan

Two books devoted to images of hamsters’ posteriors have already sold nearly 40,000 copies combined in Japan, according to the publishers, with a third book set for release later this month.

(From the Wall Street Journal Japan Realtime Blog, May 21, 2014)

This and several other books are available for purchase on Amazon Japan:

There’s also a Japanese Facebook group dedicated to Hamuketsu.

May 17

Spaghetti girl bento

Spaghetti hair girl bento by masamiho!

Check out her other lovely bento photos on Snapdish.

Jan 09

Happy New Year! It’s still hard to believe 2013 is gone and it’s 2014 now, but that’s how it is sometimes. To help remind you of what year it is, here’s a cute calendar from Hello, Cuteness, showing 2014 at a glance.

Hello, Cuteness - 2014 Calendar

And, while you’re there, check out the other great printables at Hello, Cuteness. There are other calendars, stickers, labels, and art, both for free and for sale.

Oct 05

Pusheen the Cat Pusheen the Cat is a sweet, animated web comic featuring a pudgy gray cat named Pusheen. Pusheen likes to go on adventures and eat cake, and she likes to show you how to do things, like bake or find a career, often with mixed results.

Later this month (October 29th), you can also find Pusheen in her new book I am Pusheen.

Sep 17

I’m clearing out some of my personal kawaii collection, and I have some items I’d like to find homes for, so to speak. The items include stationery (letter sets, memo pads), stickers, and some collectible items, with lots featuring Nyan Nyan Nyanko.

I’ve posted them all for free auction on Listia, which uses points instead of money. Some have free shipping, others require exact shipping, but they all need to go!

Jun 28

To Rabbit On by Squid Pig

More cuteness can be found on Squid Pig’s deviantART account.

Jun 27

Japanese Food Revisited

Check out more great illustrations by A Little Kitty on her deviantART account, and make sure to visit her online shop Hip Hop Candy.

Jun 26

The Wall Street Journal looks at a mushroom craze sweeping Japan, stemming from a series of smartphone games called “Nameko Saibai kit.” (Note: There may be a short ad before the video starts.)

Nov 30

A friend passed along this cute animation, with Nyan Cat flying through various scenes based on movies, music, video games, and other genres of popular culture and history.

Jun 14