May 29

I recently came across Listia, an auction site with free stuff, and it seemed like something worth sharing. The site uses points, which you can earn by giving away free things (or by purchasing points directly), and which you can use to get free stuff.

I know this isn’t directly about cute things, but there are some cute things posted on the site by various sellers, including myself. If you sign up, you’ll get some points to start with, so check it out.

Auctions for free stuff at

3 Responses to “Listia: Auctions for Free Stuff”

  1. Buttonlicious Says:

    Cool! Thanks for sharing this site, it’s awesome! Jessica

  2. Cute is kawaii Says:

    Hi! I was checking out your blog and I saw that you were talking about… I have an account on there. What is your username? So i can search you an become a fan. I am “kawaiigal”. please tell me! I really want to know

  3. Valerie Says:

    I’m “digitalmaven” on Listia, and it looks like we’re already friends on the site ;)

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