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Jun 28

To Rabbit On by Squid Pig

More cuteness can be found on Squid Pig’s deviantART account.

Jun 27

Japanese Food Revisited

Check out more great illustrations by A Little Kitty on her deviantART account, and make sure to visit her online shop Hip Hop Candy.

May 30

Mar 19

Nagoya Sweet Salami Co. (Fake  Vintage Japanese Ad Characters)

See more fake Japanese ad designs in Juan Molinet’s Flickr set.

Jan 31

Everything is going to be OK

Also available in yellow and blue, all from Lower Case Industry.

Dec 04

Tubbypaws' Happy Blog of Illustration and Character Design Though the title is quite a mouthful, Tubbypaws’ Happy Blog of Illustration and Character Design is worth a visit. It’s full of cute illustrations with very silly descriptions, papercraft projects you can download, and other fun stuff.

Jul 16

Error: Cuteness Overflow t-shirt (by Spiritgreen Art)

Jul 03

♥ (by ^w^ *o* `-´ u_u)

Mar 31

Gatinho fala (by Menina Pantone)

Feb 14

Chinese new year 2010 Iphone tiger Pink wallpaper (by lingo_10)