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Dec 04

Tubbypaws' Happy Blog of Illustration and Character Design Though the title is quite a mouthful, Tubbypaws’ Happy Blog of Illustration and Character Design is worth a visit. It’s full of cute illustrations with very silly descriptions, papercraft projects you can download, and other fun stuff.

Jan 29

Mt. Fuji (by berrysprite)

Berrysprite crochets cute amigurumi animals, foods, and other items, and she also sews and designs fabric. You can view more of her work on her Flickr photostream, purchase some of her creations on her Etsy shop, or read about her latest project on her blog.

Jan 10

Our favourite tree (by ^w^ *o* `-´ u_u)

Find more cute images on Silvia’s photostream.

Dec 22

Desktop Candy Desktop Candy is a blog dedicated to cute desktop wallpapers, and features everything from friendly characters to smiling sweets that can grace your own screen.