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Jun 26

The Wall Street Journal looks at a mushroom craze sweeping Japan, stemming from a series of smartphone games called “Nameko Saibai kit.” (Note: There may be a short ad before the video starts.)

May 29

If you’re looking for an insanely cute game to while away the hours with, you should check out Nyan Cat FLY! by krangGames. It features a cat very much like San-X’s Nyan Nyan Nyanko, flying through the air. Collect the sweets and avoid the veggies!

Sep 20

Moshi Moshi Kawaii: Where is Strawberry Mochi?     Moshi Moshi Kawaii: Where is Strawberry Princess Mochi?

Earlier this summer, Walker Books released two illustrated books in a new “Moshi Moshi Kawaii” series, in which you search for the bunny-pill characters, kind of like the Where’s Waldo? books. However, these characters aren’t new; they are originally from Japanese company Mindwave and were released in 2002 as “Usa Colle.” The company sold a limited selection of Usa Colle stationery goods and toys at the time, though they’re pretty hard to find these days.

The old site at is a bit dated now and is mostly in Japanese, but it has some neat things to check out. There are images of all the original characters, short Flash animations to watch, pretty desktop wallpapers and printables to download, and even a cute little game to play.

Feb 21

Jelly Coco is a fairly simple game: catch colorful jellies, then stack them up to earn coins or lives. Don’t drop them, and watch out for the rotten black jellies (those go in the dump)!

Feb 20

Another day, another game! Music Brothers features musical notes that need to complete a song before time runs out. Just press the corresponding arrow keys on your keyboard, or the spacebar for the dots.

Feb 19

Match the sushi pieces by flipping the tiles in this lovely Flash game. The sushi graphics will make your mouth water, and the music and sound effects are quite nice as well.

Feb 15

While poking around a few Japanese sites, I came across a small bento-themed game called Mogu Mogu (named after the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of eating fast). Just line up several of the same bento elements in a row to make them disappear.

You can find other miniature games on the Shockwise game page.

Dec 17

Last night, I came across this Japanese Flash game, which I would imagine was created as a promo for Nissin, the company that makes UFO noodle bowls. The game is pretty simple; you just pour water into the customers’ bowls so they can have their lunch. Sometimes you run out of water, and watch out for customers when they get angry; if one yells, you lose! If you can get up to 100 bowls served, you win.

UFO Convenience Store Flash Game

Oct 18

Yes, this game is a bit mindless, but it’s so cute, from the tiny little icons of food and creatures, to the lovely sound effects. Just click the bottom yellow button to get started, and start swapping objects to get several in a row. Clear!

Nartbox Magic Castle

You might also like this game, in which you catch fruit that monkeys drop from you. Just don’t catch the poop!


Update (08/12/2010): It appears that this site is no longer online.

Apr 25

Choco'Miss A good friend of mine recently returned from a trip to Paris, and brought me back the sweetest notepad featuring Choco’Miss, a pink-eared bunny-like character who apparently loves chocolate.

Lo and behold, there’s a full Choco’Miss web site — all in French — with recipes, cute wallpapers and games, as well as a shop with stationery and sweet treats to buy.

J’adore le chocolat!