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Jun 26

The Wall Street Journal looks at a mushroom craze sweeping Japan, stemming from a series of smartphone games called “Nameko Saibai kit.” (Note: There may be a short ad before the video starts.)

Sep 29

ITN News reports on Usagi to Cafe, a bunny-themed cafe in Japan that serves bunny-shaped food and has bunnies you can play with before or after your meal.

You can find more info at the cafe’s official web site or in this Americurry post.

Sep 13

Daisy Flowers (by bentomom) The New York Times had an article about bento boxes last week, in which they talked to a number of dedicated bento makers, including some who run some bento-related sites with tips, recipes, and supplies. There are some pretty decent resources included.

Jun 17

Cute Ambassadors Japan’s Foreign Ministry has apparently appointed three women to be the ambassadors of kawaii, or cute, to travel abroad and share Japanese pop culture with the world.

There is some controversy about this move, but so far it seems to be sparking positive interest in Japan, based on the women’s visit to Bangkok, Thailand. Next stop: Paris!

Read more about it in the Japan Times article “‘Cute ambassadors’ roam globe to promote Japan’s pop culture.