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Jan 09

Happy New Year! It’s still hard to believe 2013 is gone and it’s 2014 now, but that’s how it is sometimes. To help remind you of what year it is, here’s a cute calendar from Hello, Cuteness, showing 2014 at a glance.

Hello, Cuteness - 2014 Calendar

And, while you’re there, check out the other great printables at Hello, Cuteness. There are other calendars, stickers, labels, and art, both for free and for sale.

Sep 20

Moshi Moshi Kawaii: Where is Strawberry Mochi?     Moshi Moshi Kawaii: Where is Strawberry Princess Mochi?

Earlier this summer, Walker Books released two illustrated books in a new “Moshi Moshi Kawaii” series, in which you search for the bunny-pill characters, kind of like the Where’s Waldo? books. However, these characters aren’t new; they are originally from Japanese company Mindwave and were released in 2002 as “Usa Colle.” The company sold a limited selection of Usa Colle stationery goods and toys at the time, though they’re pretty hard to find these days.

The old site at is a bit dated now and is mostly in Japanese, but it has some neat things to check out. There are images of all the original characters, short Flash animations to watch, pretty desktop wallpapers and printables to download, and even a cute little game to play.

Oct 13

A Jinjerup Halloween

Jinjerup has opened up a new Etsy shop, just in time for Halloween, with some cute printable craft items in a holiday theme. There are patterned backgrounds, little embellishments, and notes, all ready for your kawaii crafty purposes.

You can find more of her work on her blog, including free “Helloween” notecards.

Jun 05

PaperGlitter is a unique, kawaii store on Etsy that sells printable items you can download and make. There are stationery sets, collage/sticker pages, crafts, and other lovely things. You can also find some free downloads on Flickr.

Apr 01

Check out these simple but sweet rubber stamp designs, all handmade by “Hola.”

Feb 09

Readymech Readymech offers a small, but wonderfully designed selection of printable paper craft toys. Most of them are of strange creatures, but there are people as well, like the Japanese girl shown.

Feb 04

Origami Papers Origami Papers is a small selection of printable origami-style papers that can be used for making your own folded paper creations. There’s also an active origami community on the site, an origami instruction database, and related photos from Flickr.

Feb 01

Paper Crafts Maniacs Paper Crafts Maniacs is a Japanese site offering free downloads of printable papercrafts, featuring teddy bears and sushi. Just print, cut out, and fold to make your own paper toy.

Jan 01

Wishing a very Happy New Year to you and yours!

Happy New Year!

You can find printable versions of this image, as well as printable stationery and lovely desktop wallpapers at Muryou Sozai.

Dec 25

Cubeecraft At Cubeecraft, you can print and make your own cubed paper creature, including original characters (like this snowman cat) and popular ones from TV shows, movies, cartoons, and more.