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May 29

I recently came across Listia, an auction site with free stuff, and it seemed like something worth sharing. The site uses points, which you can earn by giving away free things (or by purchasing points directly), and which you can use to get free stuff.

I know this isn’t directly about cute things, but there are some cute things posted on the site by various sellers, including myself. If you sign up, you’ll get some points to start with, so check it out.

Auctions for free stuff at

May 29

If you’re looking for an insanely cute game to while away the hours with, you should check out Nyan Cat FLY! by krangGames. It features a cat very much like San-X’s Nyan Nyan Nyanko, flying through the air. Collect the sweets and avoid the veggies!

Mar 19

Nagoya Sweet Salami Co. (Fake  Vintage Japanese Ad Characters)

See more fake Japanese ad designs in Juan Molinet’s Flickr set.

Feb 03

Happy Bunny 笑口常開

Jan 31

Everything is going to be OK

Also available in yellow and blue, all from Lower Case Industry.

Dec 24

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Tubbypaws' Happy Blog of Illustration and Character Design Though the title is quite a mouthful, Tubbypaws’ Happy Blog of Illustration and Character Design is worth a visit. It’s full of cute illustrations with very silly descriptions, papercraft projects you can download, and other fun stuff.